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Ladies Hand-Made Items

Originally designed, Manual Canada’s Women handbags are the flagship of our business.
With its modern design and timeless look, our hand bags can be used for any occasion.

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Mens Hand-Made Items

Men’s hand made items come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
Our items instantly improve your look and are a timeless classic.

Following examples of other museums across the world, Manual Forgotten Arts Museum “MFAM”, presents its first collection of handbags. At our Manual Workshop, the masters have redesigned our own models and has created new designs by mixing technology more than 100 years old with new technology. Therefore creating archaic refined details with fittings and colors updated to a modern style. MFAM collections get their inspiration from 19th and 20th century and relies deeply on the history. The bags have a sophisticated design and feel to it, conquering the handbag industry.